HomeStaff Protect

A specialized workers’ compensation program designed to meet the unique needs of families with nannies.

About Us

HomeStaff Protect was founded through a great partnership between Advanced Benefit Solutions and Breedlove and Associates. Before Breedlove and Associates was acquired by and became, Advanced Benefit Solutions was their group health insurance broker. At a renewal meeting, Ron Seibel (founder of Advanced Benefit Solutions) asked a simple question if there was anything else he could do to help. This opened up Pandora’s box and the topic of workers’ compensation for a domestic employer came to light. Ron sought the counsel of his son, Phil, who was more involved in this realm of insurance. Phil spent the next year meeting with carriers, developing a pitch deck and selling the concept.

Finally, in 2014, they found a carrier partner (AmTrust), that was willing to take a chance. The program started very small and was extremely time intensive due to the paperwork involved. This was not acceptable to Phil and he sought out partners that could help him make the process more efficient for the clients. With that, he ended up developing a relationship with AllRisks, Ltd. and a technology partner to take the program online.

The entire goal for Phil and the team is to have a process for clients to understand the coverage and complete the purchase process efficiently. He also understands that insurance is confusing and that clients will need clarification on the policy, as well as the risk a family is trying to protect. Therefore, AllRisks (now Ryan Specialty Group due to a merger) brought on an underwriting expert in Clarke White to personally manage the client questions and carrier relationship.

HomeStaff Protect

“Simplifying the workers’ compensation process for household employers.”

What Our Clients Say

I found the instant quote portal functionality on easy to use. I appreciated being able to get an estimate and get the policy creation process started.

Andrew A,

It was such a relief to get the coverage we needed for our new household employee. Your response time to my inquiry was under 24 hours! Other companies I spoke to have still not gotten back to me with a quote or just told me they couldn’t help. Your assistance in procuring the proper coverage and answering all my questions with regard to same is greatly appreciated.

Dawn C,

Clarke – thanks for your help here. I spoke to NY State and I am now in compliance and up to date for workers comp and for disability.  Thanks so much again for your help and rest assured anyone I meet, who needs to acquire coverage, I will be sure to send them your way.

Simon G,