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frequently asked questions

Why is Workers’ Compensation insurance so important?

Families that don’t have workers’ compensation insurance coverage take on significant risk if there is ever a workplace injury. This means paying out-of-pocket for the employee’s lost wages and medical expenses. A significant accident could be financially devastating. Here is a real-life case.

In addition to financial liability, in states where workers’ compensation is required, there are substantial fines for non-compliance. Finally, workers’ compensation insurance provides legal protection because employees who accept benefits generally forfeit their right to sue the employer – regardless of fault.

What states can coverage be written in?

We handle almost every state in the country. Please complete the application, or reach out to Clarke White @ to learn more!

Phone: 804-267-1210

What are the Workers’ Compensation requirements by state?

The workers’ compensation requirements for household employers are unique in every state. To learn more about the requirement in your state specifically, click here.